Sunday, November 1, 2009


Fallon was little Mermaid.

Fallon and her bud Devin.. They have a blast together and its nice having someone that lives close to us with a kid so we get to do kid stuff together..

Fallon would knock on the door the open it.. She didnt want to wait for them to open it..

My little girl is growing up so fast i cant believe it.. We wondered if she would get the concept of trick or treating and after the first house she caught right on.. As soon as they opened the door up she would help herself in the bowl of candy and grab a handful but she always would scream Thank you.. She was so fun to watch this year she would run to the next house as fast as she could to get more candy.. Now she just has to keep it away from me or i will eat it all!!! Hope everyone had a great Halloweeen..
(Thanks grandmas and papas for the Halloween packages, we love getting stuff in the mail)

Pumkin Patch!!

Fallon always wants to wear my sunglasses..

At the petting zoo.. She loved the animals she didnt want to leave them.. I think i am going to have to deal with me animal dislikes and get her a pet of some sort

So i am finally updating its been forever i know.. We took Fallon to the pumpkin patch on Halloween and she loved it.. She rode the train,pet animals, played in the jump houses, and ate all their yummy food.. we also put her on the big swings they had and she started screaming and they had to stop it and let her off, but other than that she loved it!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fallon sickness round 2

Fallons Favorite place at the hospital!! She loved the window
Yes she does not look sick at all i know
Fallon taking a bath\shower, i think she took all the hot water in the hospital she was in their for so long
Thanks grandmas and aunt megan for visiting us and helping us out..
Yes this is where i slept with Fallon the first night.. I never thought i would ever sleep in a crib when i was 21 years old.. the things we do for our kids.. so Fallon was sick again so i took her to the doc and she said their is nothing she can do and that we would have to be admitted to the hospital.. so then came the water works for me, we go straight to the hospital and start doin a bunch of tests that made her scream but luckly they all came back negative. So i am thinkin we get to go home but no we end up staying their for 2 nights cause her oxygen level was so low.. We finally got to go home and Fallon acted like nothing ever happen.. She was running around like normal.. so thank heavens it was not something worst. Now all i am hoping for is a healthy baby for the rest of the year!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fallon's First Ride

(This is Dusty blogging, while Joyce is playing in Park City!)

Fallon took her first horse ride on Patty and Rico in Grandpa Nelson's arena. It was pretty windy outside, so we didn't ride long. Fallon growled at the steers while we rode Patty.

Look Mom - no hands! Don't worry, Papa had the reins.

Papa, Fallon and Rico.

Patty, Fallon and Daddy.

Fallon was having fun, even though she wouldn't smile for the camera!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fallons Sickness!!!

So every time we go to burley to visit i come back with a sick child.. which is totally worth seeing everyone but just one time i want to go down their and not bring back a sick kid.. but i guess oh well she loves being able to see her cousins and play with them.. So this is her doing the breathing treatments, which were the worst things in the world at first i hate having to tie her down..She now know that she has to do them and will just sit their.. I let her play with it after and she then thinks that she needs to do it to me and Dusty.. I am so glad she is better tho!! Till the next trip to burley.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Cute little Alizah!!

Piper the birthday girl!! She decided to be my new best friend for the weekend.. she is so cute!!

The three girls with their favorite nelson aunts..

About two weeks ago I went to washington with dustys sister and mother to hang out with the crew up in moses lake.. It was so good to finally see the gym and where dustys brother lived.. We went to hannas play which she did such a great job in, and got pedicures, ate way to much(thanks to Marsha she is a bad influnce on food to me) and had pipers 3rd birthday!! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone and i am so lucky that dusty has a awesome family!! I love getting to hang out with them all, and Marsha you didnt scare me away either i cant wait for the next crazy trip with you guys!! Also thanks a ton for everything i had a blast!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One great day!!!

So If you dont know i am one of the worst cook EVER!! I always seem to mess at least one thing up in the kitchen each time i try to cook.. For once i actually made roast, shrimp, potatoes and home made rolls ( which i almost messed up but caught myself before it was to late) and cup cakes.. Dusty was even impressed with my great cooking skills and told me that my rolls were really good...I was pretty proud of myself, So it turned out to be one perfect Easter for the Nelson Family!!!